Hi, I'm Heather

Moments captured, memories saved, brands established. Specializing in family and lifestyle photography Heather Holt holds the unique ability to capture moments that will be cherished for your lifetime and beyond.

In addition to her family, newborn, and community sessions, Heather also specializes in lifestyle photography. In her work with social media influencers and National brands, Heather captures the vision for your own brand while complimenting it with her unique style.

Heather’s clients will agree that once you invite her into your space, she feels like the missing piece to your story. Heather has been shooting professionally for 9 years and resides in sunny south Florida. Along with her returning clients, she is loved by her husband, twin boys, and a goldie named Georgie.

Have a question?

Shoot times tend to change based on the shoot you are booking. A newborn shoot has no time limit, you are welcome to soothe and feed the baby as necessary. We let the baby set the pace, and create a calm and relaxed shooting atmosphere. For family shoots, there is no time limit, but eventually little ones run out of patience and smiles! On average family shoots tend to run 1 hour from start to finish.

Wear what makes you feel best! I recommend families coordinating their colors, as well as staying away from busy patterns or graphics. Jewel tones photograph great, as well as pastels, and natural colors. Tip for shooting with babies, bring a back up outfit!

For family shoots I always advise clients to browse the family section of my website. I list the locations from the shoots under the gallery title. Parks, beaches, and client homes are typically the most popular, but I also have a handful of creative locations such as museums, marinas, and downtown areas.

Shira Bess Interiors

"Heather was an absolute pleasure to work with during our family photoshoot! She's not only a sweetheart, but she's incredibly patient, very efficient, and beyond talented. Her innate calmness brings everyone around her to ease....which turns out to be an essential quality in a photographer, since photoshoots with young children can be stressful! Thanks to Heather's keen eye, we now have priceless moments captured and framed. We love working with Heather and will continue to do so!

Amy Lundy, MOABS

Heather Holt is a professional, creative photographer that truly understands how to create images for marketing use. She has a keen eye for the details and takes the time to get to know her clients needs before the shoot. She’s easy to work with and does an excellent job!

Chris Maranges, Maranges Law

We needed professional headshots for our law firm, but we wanted something different than the traditional bookshelf or courtroom background. Heather's thoughtfulness and creativity brought our vision to life. She was also extraordinarily accommodating with our chaotic schedule. We couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Jessica, Mom of 2

Heather Holt has such a talent for capturing the essence of family and special moments in life. Especially those tender moments between a mother and her sweet babies. My Heather Holt gallery wall recently went up in my house and it brings me joy each time I walk in the door and see the beautiful moments she has captured of my family. Thank you Heather!

Katie Bartels Jewelry, NYC

I had the pleasure of working with Heather when I was on a trip to Palm Beach and I was thrilled with her photographs. I was so impressed with the locations Heather chose for my shoot. She knew hidden places that made for the perfect backdrop. She really understood my brand and brought my jewelry to life in her vibrant photos. Heather is a gem!